Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Update from Amy Cohen Efron's web site

Here's the update that she added the voiceover so the hearing people can hear what she said on her vlog:

Click this: Amy Cohen Efron's web site

Please spread the words to your hearing friends!!



Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Since our convention ended.. Here's the video you may see what we were doing there and have had a great time!

Also Here's my Revised Report from 2005 thru 2007 plus some issues that we still have concerned..

And each member will get a full C.A.R.T. report by email and perhaps in the future newsletter..


PMRjr Emeritus Past President

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

TAD Board Meeting in April 2007

Here's our 2007 TAD Convention site:

We had a good TAD board meeting at the Choo-Choo hotel where our TAD Convention will be held this summer..

I hope all of you will attend our convention because TAD needs YOU!

Next: Update on Sorenson Issues in my report

PMRjr, TAD President

Monday, March 19, 2007

Amy Cohen Efron's Vlogs


I want you to check this: Amy Cohen Efron's VLOG

I strongly agree with her because I had my experience when I grew up as an oral child in my old school before I learned ASL during my last year of Elementary school. (Thanks to my old teachers in Miami, FL).

I believe that all of Deaf babies should to learn the sign language as they can develop to learn how to use their com munitions with the parents, and develop their education skills better.

I am so glad that is open to everyone even include the professionals too



Sunday, February 25, 2007

TAD President's Concerns on SLCC and Sorenson VRS

TAD President Paul Robertson has some concerns on SLCC and Sorenson VRS in Tennessee

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A story of Deaf woman's experience at the airport

I strongly suggest YOU to check this:

It's not first time for me to hear this before..

What's wrong with the HEARING people who think we are Deaf people that are similar to the any disability people such as blind, and others etc..

I agree that she said that we need to educate those people to get know about our Deaf needs.

Not only she had her experienced in the airport..

My dear Deaf Tennessean people.. Im sure that you already have some experienced at the Crocker Barrel.. What would you get the menu at the first place? That menu is FOR BLIND (Braille letters) .. How can we read that menu we can SEE???? Yes Crocker Barrel restaurants are wonderful place we can eat and better service to any people even Blind people can use the braille menu as well.. but still NOT perfect yet..

Sadly, We STILL need to educate them EVERYDAY so therefore our Deaf rights are still not 100% protection YET..



Sunday, February 04, 2007

Carl Schroeder's Vlog

I think that you should check with this link:

I know Carl Schroeder at Gallaudet in early 90's since he was one of my best (Deaf) English teachers. He's now in Hawaii.



Gallaudet Blog/Vlog Conference

Hey for everyone!

I think that you want to read this with on the right column to get more information about the event at Gallaudet campus that they hosted and Here's the link that you may be interested to read this:

Gallaudet Blog/Vlog Conference

On February 3, Gallaudet held a blog/vlog conference, sponsored by the Coalition for Critical Inquiry. I went to the conference and took notes of highlights. Overall, it was a good conference. There is a (now archived) webcast at on the CCI website.

There were four panels:

Whither Gallaudet

Must change
Asl podcasts
Knowledge is power
Need to reach out to hearing parents
Get word can gally do?
How can Gally meet mission?
Make expectations clear
Role of hearing people? Can't shut hearing out, must include hearing faculty
Media does not give enough information on cochlear implants

Futuristic Visions of Deaf Identity

Many gally grads go to work in deaf community
Raise expectations, multicultural, stop big d and little d
Multiple identities, shared identity of experiences
Black deaf people don't like to be split. No one definition of what it means to be black. Parallels with deafness - many ways to be deaf
Impact of technology
Narrow picture of what a deaf person is
Can be deaf no matter where we go thanks to technology. Internet lets us communicate with each other in words and sign.
Blogging will not replace socialization but will change deaf community
Deaf studies at Gallaudet examining practices?
Young deaf want place to call home. Blogging vlogging encourages identity discussion
Deafhood being incorporated
Growing up in isolation. Identity in the home.
Everyone is wired different
Natural language - not asl, not oral, but written English
Avoid labels
Balance..between education and defining ourselves
ASL has different levels. How does ASL-English relate to identity?

The Futuristic Classroom (I skipped half of this panel)

Technology for classrooms such as voice recognition
Fewer deaf in schools for the deaf
Competition and technology
Early identification, early services
Low incidence disability
Need for more skilled teachers who can teach deaf, in classroom
Political impact from no child left behind
Gallaudet self examination - same number of students in future?
Role of distance learning, infrastructure
Technology needs to be available to all..including low income. not every household has a computer

Vlogging/Blogging and the Future of the Deaf Community

Vlogs - communication, discourse. Understand without text.
ASL vlogs - give freedom, flexibility
First vlog? George Veditz in 1913
Blogs/vlogs create more openness and reduce isolation
Deafread adding about 15 blogs a week
Blogs/vlogs becoming more specialized
History of blogging...companies once thought blogs not important
World doesn't know half of what happens at Gallaudet. Deafread helps Gallaudet by making content available
Major events boost deafread traffic
Vlogs have replaced the little papers of decades ago
Accountability, credibility for bloggers/vloggers
Over time, rules for bloggers/vloggers
Resources help voices be heard
Deaf people who can't read need the asl vlogs
Vlogs for kids too
Minimize hateful comments
Opinion versus fact (At that point I stopped taking notes due to being tired)